Bob Melson, former Executive Director WAHPERD/SHAPE

Bob Melson lost his long battle with pancreatic and bone cancer on October 6, 2021.

Bob served Washington AHPERD as Executive Director for many years.  The WAHPERD Honor Award was named in his honor and in recognition of his lifelong contributions to WAHPERD/SHAPE Washington.

Bob taught at Helen Keller Elementary School in Kirkland, Washington.  He coached the highly successful HOTDOG rope skipping team, traveling with his team and winning honors in California, Colorado, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Washington, Wyoming, Australia, Canada, and Japan.  Bob was a motivator and a physical educator, known as one of the best proponents of developing fun and fitness rope skipping programs.

Bob Melson was an extraordinary family member, friend, educator, rope skipping coach, mentor, professional, and human being. 

*Vicki Worrell, a longtime colleague in Elementary Physical Education and competitive rope skipping teams, notes: "Bob proved to be a  positive, humorous, intelligent, caring, student-centered, responsible, problem-solving physical educator.  He loved life, his wife and family, his profession, and traveling.  He was known for always putting the needs of others before his own. Bob was an amazing, creative individual when faced with challenges - he always found solutions!  Fundraising ideas that he implemented for his jump rope team and physical education program were always fun and over the top.  He was a master at involving his school community and the Seattle community when promoting his jump rope team and physical education.  His leadership at the local, state, and national levels was extensive and highly respected.  Bob was a wonderful role model, and he regularly shared his wealth of knowledge and skill with others, with little regard for recognition or prestige."

*Bob was my mentor in so many ways. I replaced him as Executive Director of SHAPE Washington, although, no one could replace him.  As I made decisions throughout my tenure as ED my first thoughts were always, "how would Bob handle this"
Such a man.

Gayle - ED SHAPE Washington

My heart hurts with the loss of my buddy BOB.

I grew up with BOB Melson!!  Bob impacted my life in so many ways and had such an impact on who I am today. Bob was a positive role model, mentor, problem-solver, so caring and kind. I became a Physical Education teacher leader and advocate much because of his modeling, mentorship, and encouragement.

I met BOB in the early 90s at the state Washington AAHPERD (now SHAPE) convention when I attended a session he was presenting. Our mentorship and friendship started from that point on and the positive influence he had on me was endless. Bob saw leadership in me that I did not see and always would say to me "DUNN you can do that?" or "DUNN will you do this?" I always said YES and I learned so much in every experience presented. Humor was built into everything and we always had FUN in the leadership work, advocacy, travel and teaching. Bob offered me endless leadership experiences that I now try and mentor in our profession.

Along with his beautiful wife Nancy we become life long family friends. My family loved traveling with the Melsons and adventure was always created in the experiences.

Bob surely left a legacy and I am one of the products of his footprint. LOVE YOU BOB MELSON! 

Lori S Dunn - PreK-12 Physical Education and Health Literacy Program Manager Seattle Public Schools