The Executive Director Position 
if you are interested contact Ryan Wiser -- [email protected]
Executive Director Duties
Administrative Duties
1. Handle correspondence
2. File reports and fill out forms as required
a. OSPI clock hours every June
b. Tax prep SHAPE America
3. Coordinate all mailings (postcards etc) emailing about conference
4. Coordinate with direction from the President the board meetings, retreats
5. Review bylaws, and policies and make suggestions for possible revisions ( must be voted on by
the membership)
1. Maintain all membership information. Using memberclicks software ( Oasis)
a. Membership labels for journal mailing
b. Constant contact membership updated
2. Assist the President elect with board nominations and the awards chair with nominations
Public Relations
1. Assist the Executive board with their efforts to raise public’s awareness of the goals and
programs of SHAPE
2. Assist the journal editor with securing advertisement for the journal.
3. Investigate financial sponsorship possibilities.
4. Use the SHAPE display at other conference as directed by the board.
Pre-Conference Planning
1. Upon receiving the speaker confirmation from the President and board, arrange for the
contracts, schedules facilities, and organize presentations.
2. Print and mail all pre registration materials
3. Coordinate with the EC the conference theme and logo.
4. Reconfirm all facility arrangements and contractual agreements.
5. Assist with the exhibitor coordinator the exhibits for the conference/s
6. Coordinate with the President elect all audio visual equipment for the conference/s
7. Arrange clock hours ( and college credit if asked for) for the conference/s
8. Arrange incoming registration materials and make all deposits for the conference/s.
9. Order registration materials including packets, badges, name tags etc.
1. Receive, coordinate and process all registration information including clock hours, name tags
2. Using memberclicks for registration, print out attendees names for registration table.
On-Site Operations
1. Plan with president elect coordination of registration procedures such as:
a. Packet preparation and distribution
b. Participant registration
c. Volunteer help sign up sheet
2. Assist exhibitor coordinator with the exhibit area and exhibitor social
Post Conference
1. Complete all financial reports
a. Purchase order billings and invoices
b. Update membership list on journal and memberclicks.
c. Compile conference evaluations and provide recommendations for next conference
d. Follow up with districts with invoices and payments
Bookkeeping Duties
1. Pay outstanding accounts within budget line items
2. Maintain accurate set of books for the Board
3. Prepare budget report for each board meeting and annual SHAPE conference
4. Prepare the annual Tax return
5. Notify the treasurer when it is necessary to transfer funds between accounts.
6. Deposit checks and cash receipts in a timely fashion.
7. File copies for all financial transactions and communications.
The executive director will receive a stipend in the amount set by the SHAPE Board. The stipend will be paid in 12 twelve monthly payments.
The term of ED contract will be from June 1 of said year until May 31 of year.
Termination of ED contract by either party shall require a 30 day written notice. The ED stipend will be prorated if termination is prior to the completion of ED contract
The Executive Board will establish a line item in the budget in the amount of $ for the ED to use for expenses of fulfilling the responsibilities outlined in this document. These expenses shall be submitted on the SHAPE Washington voucher and shall not exceed the amount of the established line item.




1.       Handlecorrespondence

2.       Filereportsandfilloutformsasrequired

a.       OSPIclockhourseveryJune

b.       TaxprepSHAPEAmerica

3.       Coordinateallmailings(postcardsetc)emailingaboutconference

4.       CoordinatewithdirectionfromthePresidenttheboardmeetings,retreats

5.       Reviewbylaws,andpoliciesandmakesuggestionsforpossiblerevisions(mustbevotedonbythemembership)


1.       Maintainallmembershipinformation.Usingmemberclicks software(Oasis)

a.       Membershiplabelsforjournalmailing

b.       Constantcontactmembershipupdated

2.       AssistthePresidentelectwithboardnominationsandtheawardschairwithnominations


1.       AssisttheExecutiveboardwiththeireffortstoraisepublic’sawarenessofthegoalsandprogramsofSHAPE

2.       Assistthejournaleditorwithsecuringadvertisementforthejournal.

3.       Investigatefinancialsponsorshippossibilities.

4.       UsetheSHAPEdisplayatotherconferenceasdirectedbytheboard.


1.       UponreceivingthespeakerconfirmationfromthePresidentandboard,arrangeforthecontracts,schedulesfacilities,andorganizepresentations.

2.       Printandmailallpreregistrationmaterials

3.       CoordinatewiththeECtheconferencethemeandlogo.

4.       Reconfirmallfacilityarrangementsandcontractualagreements.

5.       Assistwiththeexhibitorcoordinatortheexhibitsfortheconference/s

6.       CoordinatewiththePresidentelectallaudiovisualequipmentfortheconference/s

7.       Arrangeclockhours(andcollegecreditifaskedfor)fortheconference/s

8.       Arrangeincomingregistrationmaterialsandmakealldepositsfortheconference/s.

9.       Orderregistrationmaterialsincludingpackets,badges,nametagsetc.


1.       Receive,coordinateandprocessallregistrationinformationincludingclockhours,nametags

2.       Usingmemberclicksforregistration,printoutattendeesnamesforregistrationtable.


1.       Planwithpresidentelectcoordinationofregistrationproceduressuchas:

a.       Packetpreparationanddistribution

b.       Participantregistration

c.       Volunteerhelpsignupsheet

2.       Assistexhibitorcoordinator with theexhibitareaandexhibitorsocial


1.            Completeallfinancialreports

a.       Purchaseorderbillingsandinvoices

b.       Updatemembershiplistonjournalandmemberclicks.

c.       Compileconferenceevaluationsandproviderecommendationsfornextconference

d.       Followupwithdistrictswithinvoicesandpayments


1.       Payoutstandingaccountswithinbudgetlineitems

2.       MaintainaccuratesetofbooksfortheBoard

3.       PreparebudgetreportforeachboardmeetingandannualSHAPEconference

4.       PreparetheannualTaxreturn

5.       Notifythetreasurerwhenitisnecessarytotransferfundsbetweenaccounts.

6.       Depositchecksandcashreceiptsinatimelyfashion.

7.       Filecopiesforallfinancialtransactionsandcommunications.








TheExecutiveBoardwillestablishalineiteminthebudgetintheamountof$                              for theEDtouseforexpensesoffulfillingtheresponsibilitiesoutlinedinthisdocument.Theseexpensesshallbesubmitted on the SHAPE Washington voucher and shall not exceed the amount of the established lineitem.