Lisa Rakoz

Be the Spark!
Lisa Rakoz has dedicated her life to strengthen health and physical education programs in Washington State. She taught for 22 years in public education working with young adults to encourage healthy and active lifestyles. Lisa works at the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) where she is a leader, visionary thinker, and provides content expertise, technical assistance and professional development in health education, physical education and physical activity in schools. Rakoz has provided trainings on standards, assessments, best practices, and school wellness at local, state, and national levels. Because of her passion and love for healthy children, she believes it is critical to create healthy schools so that every child has the opportunity to grow up active and healthy. She loves to support teachers to develop strong school wellness environments for staff and students to learn and play!
Lisa received her bachelor’s degree in physical education with a minor in special education from The University of New Mexico and her master’s degree in education from Central Washington University.
Lisa and her husband reside in Toledo, WA and have two sons. Her husband is a middle school teacher, one son is a pre-school teacher, and the other is working on a Master’s degree in business management. Outside of work, Lisa loves to stand-up paddle board, antique with friends, and enjoy her fun loving family!