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Professional Learning


Providing Effective Online Learning in Physical Education

Professional Development Course Collection

These 5 online courses were developed in collaboration with OSPI, SHAPE WA, and over 20 Physical Educators from across Washington State. The courses feature a series of sample lessons and interviews with physical educators from across Washington State and are intended to support educators in providing quality online physical education, now and in the future. Each online course takes approximately 1 hour to complete, users can pay SHAPE WA a $2.00 fee to earn 1 clock hour upon completion of each course.

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PE Central Online Courses

PE Central has worked with their sponsor, S&S Worldwide, to bring quality online courses and webinars to Physical Education teachers around the world. These courses offer real take-aways that can be used to improve your teaching and the hours can be put towards license renewal. The shorter courses we offer are self-paced, so there is no formal start or end date for completing a course, thus, giving you the freedom to complete assignments on your schedule. Some of the short courses are instructor guided and some are designed without an instructor. Certificates of completion are emailed upon completion of each course. Costs start as low as $49 and you can pay with a credit card or a Purchase Order.

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This can't be retroactive. If you do not put the code in during checkout PE Central cannot go back and give a refund and have you start over. The only way to get the discount is to use the link PE Central provides or click on the link.

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