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Adapted Physical Education Zoom Meeting
February 7th from 4:00-5:00pm

We are very excited to announce we have had positive progress with the State recognizing and offering an Adapted Physical Education Specialty Endorsement. 

During this session we will be giving an update of where we are in the process with a little look at the history and what's to come including projected timelines and program information. 

As part of the session we will have time set aside for discussion to get your feedback, ideas, and input from your schools and districts as we want a united voice in the development and implementation of the specialty endorsement. 

Please register for the meeting below and a Zoom link will be sent to you. 

Bud Turner's 37th Annual PreK-12 West's Best Workshop

February 3, 2024
Catherine Blaine K-8 School

2550 34th Ave. W Seattle, WA 98119
The West Best Worksh
op is ALWAYS PE focused and primarily activity based. Plan to get new ideas from sessions and
reconnect with colleagues! 

$95 for SHAPE Washington members and Seattle Public School Teachers
$35 for University Students who are SHAPE Washington members and Retirees 
for Non-SHAPE Washington members
$70 for Non-SHAPE Washington university students
Brought to our state through an ongoing partnership between SHAPE Washington and Seattle Public Schools.

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